Welcome to the mastering department of the renowned Gate Studios of Wolfsburg!

With the help of our team of seasoned studio professionals, we’ve been producing high quality, internationally-distinguished CDs for more than 15 years. We’ve enjoyed a long and successful run in the industry because our team not only has the technical know-how, but also the feeling and sensitivity necessary to deliver the caliber of excellence our customers expect and deserve. All of our technicians are also musicians and are thus able to get the optimum results out of your mix.

Welcome !

We want your music to give something special to the listener, so that they can get the exact message you’re meaning to convey. That’s why our job is to pick out the individual strengths of each song and auditorially display them in the best way possible.

A good mix of a well-arranged, original song can be improved dramatically through proper mastering due to the many facets through which a mastering engineer can work his “magic.”

Shortly put: the better the mix, the more effective the mastering can be!

Send us your mix - we’ll handle it properly. The way it works and what it’ll cost you you can find on the following pages.

One more thing to the term “mastering:”

Technically, the process of the final audio preparations should be deemed “pre-mastering,” since “mastering” truly and originally refers to the technical process of producing a glass master of a CD. However, the term “mastering” today is widely referred to as the process applied in the final stages of an audio production. Therefore, we’re jumping on that band wagon and using the term “mastering” as opposed to “pre-mastering!”

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